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James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc.
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There are many people who have the desire to help others in their community who need assistance.  They feel that it is their way of giving back to the community in ways that makes them feel they can make a difference. 

So why give to the James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc.?

Any money, which you donate to the James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc., is fully tax deductible.

No member of the Foundation receives any remuneration for their services.

We are a wholly volunteer, not-for-profit organization based in Western Australia, but serving all of Australia. All money donated goes directly to where it should go - in helping people with brain cancer and brain tumour and their families.

The James Crofts Hope Foundation Inc. was formed to assist not only the patients diagnosed with brain cancer or brain tumours, but also to provide on-going assistance to their families.  We believe that it is vitally important to involve the whole family and the extended families in the healing process.

The success of the Foundation does not rest solely on the Foundation members. A group of dedicated volunteers form the basis of our support system, together with enthusiastic sponsors and information supplied to the families of cancer patients, all of which are designed to empower the individual, or parents of children, to make informed decisions on their treatment.

Volunteer NOW!

Your assistance to the Foundation will help patients and their families to cope with the added stresses and trauma resulting from diagnosis and treatment.

You could be helping someone you know.

Any donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.